In the period from July 1 to July 21, 2021, INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL in cooperation with the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, holds a large-scale educational project in the field of higher music education.

INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL aims to acquaint students of foreign artistic universities with Russia, to expand intercultural dialogue between representatives of different countries, to facilitate the exchange of artistic views and aesthetic traditions.

The work of the INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL is based on the principles of cultural relations, which consider the experience of predecessors to be of the same  importance as the realities of modern life. Under the guidance of Russian tutors from the country's leading educational institutions, foreign students will be able to comprehend the general laws of the cultural process and reveal therein those specifics that transform the global environment into a community of people united through art.

The St. Petersburg stage of the project entitled "United in creativity" is extremely relevant in the challenge time for world culture and international artistic communications. In many countries of the world, isolated from other states by closed borders in a pandemic situation, there has been a clear reassessment of cultural values, and virtual reality has replaced free communication between representatives of creative professions.

Consequently, participation in the INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL - 2021 becomes immensely important for young performers, conductors and composers. The course process and concert practice of foreign students is to be held in the real time format basing on free live communication with renowned professors who possess invaluable experience and cherish the famous traditions of the St. Petersburg music school, as well as with young teachers equipped with innovative teaching methods.

The 2021 Music session in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is aimed at introducing foreign students to Russia and its cultural capital, immersing them in the original musical history of our country and its modern achievements.

The session program is divided into two parts.

The first is aimed at introducing students to Russian culture and includes lectures, excursions and special events in the Workshop format, encouraging thinking and cultural immersion of the participants.

The topics of artistic encounters and practical classes will be: history, artistic trends, genres, personalities of composers, styles of traditional (non-academic) Russian music, the historical significance of Russian music in the contemporary world culture.

The second part presents the curriculum, consisting of intensive courses and master classes by the leading teachers of the Conservatory in the specialties: orchestral conducting, solo singing and composition. The foreign students are to be taught by professors and teachers who are actively involved in creative and pedagogical activities.


Dean of the vocal and stage directing faculty, head of the department chamber singing, PHD of Arts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor M.G. Lyudko,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, holder of the letter of Appreciation from the Governor of Saint Petersburg "For many years of service and distinguished contribution to arts and culture", Professor N.N. Arsentieva,

Laureate of the Prize of the Governor of St. Petersburg in the field of art, laureate of international and all-Russian competitions, associate professor S. B. Nikulshin.                                          


Laureate of the International Johann Ventzel Stamitz Prize, multiple winner of the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the category "Master", holder of the scholarship of the Russian Authors' Society, Professor A.Yu. Radvilovich,

Laureate of international and all-Russian composer competitions, director of the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Russian Composers, musical director of the theater “LDM. New stage ", associate professor A.V. Tanonov,

Winner of international competitions, member of the Union of Composers of Russia, associate professor N.Yu. Mazhara,

Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government's Prize for achievements in the field of composing art, laureate of all-Russian competitions, board member of the St. Petersburg Composers' Union, associate professor S.V. Nesterova.                                                                

Orchestral conducting:

Conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the St. Petersburg State Philharmonic named after D.D. Shostakovich, Honored Artist of Russia, Commander of the Order of Friendship, Professor V.A. Altshuler,

Chief Conductor of the Thuringian Youth Orchestra and the Ensemble of Contemporary Music in Weimar, permanent guest conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, the Symphony Orchestra of the Thuringian Philharmonic, head of productions in theaters in Weimar, Erfurt, Hanover, Brandenburg, Putbus, Associate Professor Yu.B. Lebedev.

Practical lessons necessary for successful professional activity of a modern musician will be organically combined with the creative communication of the School's students in the process of joint music-making and preparation of final concerts.

Students - vocalists can be provided a performing opportunity in a chamber program, as well as of an aria and / or an opera excerpt accompanied by a professional orchestra. Students-composers have a unique opportunity to test their compositions in work with highly professional performers working in the oldest conservatory of Russia, including the professional symphony orchestra.

Students-conductors will be involved in work on the orchestral and opera repertoire, as well as the rehearsal process and conducting a professional orchestra in the concert program, which is especially important and valuable at the present time.

Foreign students of the School, who have shown themselves as most distinguished in practical classes and in concert performances, will take part in the SUMMER FESTIVAL OF INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL GLOBAL VALUES, which is planned to be held in July 2021 in the Crimea.

The terms of participation in the music session of the INNOPRAKTIKA AND RUSSIAN SEASONS SCHOOL are available at

The application deadline is April 22, 2021.