С 29 марта - 4 апреля 2018 года 2018 года в СПбГК пройдёт II Всероссийский Открытый конкурс исполнителей на струнных народных инструмента

From May 14 to May 17, 2018, the Department of Ethnomusicology, AM Mehnetsov FEC and the National Music Art Studio of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory will hold the IV International Festival of Folklore Collections and Performers of Folk Traditional Instrumental Music of Educational Organizations "The Fundamental Wreath" and the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference of students, students and graduate students "Ethnomusicology: history, theory, practice".
February 14, 2018 at a reception hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in St. Petersburg, the Symphony Orchestra of students of the St. Petersburg Conservatory under the direction of the rector Alexei Vasilyev.
February 28, 2018 audition will take place in the St. Petersburg Music House in the following specialties: pianoforte, strings and wind instruments. The deadline for applications is 14:00 until 26 February 2018.
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